Internet Reputation Control – Our solution to the Internet Defamation and Online Slander problem!

For the past few years, our company has offered its Internet reputation and defamation remediation services only to select corporate clients and legal departments.  We  have extensive experience consulting with Internet defamation attorneys and other professionals that assist clients in protecting their reputation.

If you are ready to pay, please complete the form below and we will send you an invoice that you can pay online:

Now offering removal guarantee for posts on various sites including CheaterLand.com, LiarsCheatersRus.com, CheaterReport.com, DatingPsychos.com removalCheaterReports.com, BadScalpel.com, BadBusinessRUs.com, CheaterRegisty.com, STDRegistry.org, stdcarriersdatabase.com, badboyreports.com, badgirl reports.com, datingnightmare.com, Exposingcheaters.com, LiarsCheatersAndBastards.com, and others –  more information here.

Note: Since most sites have different owners, a separate payment is required for each site that you need removed.

FIXED REMOVAL COST $499 for most sites

If you have questions about our service before you pay, please send a text message to (202) 643-1237 (Note: this number is for text message communications only, calls and voice messages are not monitored and may not be returned.

Until now, we worked behind the scenes, offering expert reputation management and consulting solutions.  Now we have opened the doors to the general public and are available to directly assist corporations, professionals, and even individuals in protecting their reputations from Internet defamation attacks.

There are many Internet slander control firms, some better than others.  What makes us unique?  We have experience in working with experts and insiders.  We have access to law firms and other resources.  By using our existing relationship with other Internet defamation fighting services, we can effectively and efficiently tackle almost any Internet defamation issues.

Depending on the extent of the defamation or the website where the defamation is present, we may be able to save costs in improving your online reputation and in some cases even take the risk away from you and guarantee results!!  We are building a database of Internet review sites, web blogs, and online forums which we have addressed in the past.  We hope that our experience will assist our clients in solving the problem of Internet defamation.